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This policy refers to cookies and similar technologies used on the website operated by Snow Software Studio SRL, with headquarters in Ploiesti, str. Spătarul Nicolae Milescu no. 14A.

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • website operation;
  • to analyze the behavior of website visitors;
  • for advertising.

This policy is supplemented by the Zutter policy on the protection of personal data (found on the Site in the "Privacy Policy" section) and the Site Terms and Conditions (found on the Site in the "Terms and Conditions" section) which you can read on the Site our


A cookie is a small text file that will be stored on your computer or on your smartphone or any other device from which the web browser is accessed. The cookie is installed by the request issued by the user's terminal to a Zutter server or to a third party server.


These files make it possible to recognize the user's terminal and present the content in a relevant way, adapted to the user's preferences. Cookies provide the user with a pleasant browsing experience such as the correct operation of the shopping cart, the best possible customization of our web pages, according to your requirements.

Cookies are also used in the preparation of anonymous statistics that help us understand how users benefit from our pages, allowing us to improve their structure and content, without allowing the personal identification of the user.


The cookies used on our website are of 2 types. Short-term cookies, also called "session cookies", are temporary files that are deleted when you leave our page. Persistent cookies remain on the user's terminal for a period determined by the cookie parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user.


Following a visit to our Website, the following types of cookies may appear:

  • analysis cookies
  • cookies for advertising
  • cookies necessary for the operation of the Site

Cookies and similar technologies are essential for the proper functioning of the Site, being set on your computer/phone/device after accessing the Site or following actions performed on the Site, as the case may be. You can set your browser to block cookies, but in this case certain sections of the Site will no longer work properly.


If you want to block cookies, some functionality of the Site will be disabled, resulting in an unpleasant experience on our Site. For example, blocking cookies may prevent you from purchasing from our Site or experiencing problems trying to access your account.

If you want to block cookies, you can set your browser to block them or reduce them to certain types.

You can find information about setting cookie preferences by accessing the links below depending on the web browser you are using:

Internet Explorer



The above mentioned links do not belong to the Zutter website and Zutter is not responsible for their content.


Zutter uses the services of the following third parties to provide functionality, analytics and advertising. It is possible that the third parties mentioned below use cookies on the website operated by Zutter, as well as on other websites not operated by Zutter. For more details, see the data protection policies as well as the guidelines for managing user preferences:

Google Ads:

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Purpose: Advertising



If you want to find out more information about cookies and what they are used for, we recommend the following link: